Trend Alert: Highlighter Dust

Meghan Budiman

Posted on May 23 2017

These days cakes are getting more and more minimalistic. The less decorations the trendier. Highlighter dust and gold/silver foil have been the "it" trend for the last year. It adds artistry and luxury to any cake. It's the cherry on top to a fondant cake. This week we're introducing our Highlighter Dust in Silver. Imported from USA and highly sought, this item is sure to make all your customers smile. Packaged in a sturdy bottle with a flip top, it's simple to use and very versatile. Cover your fondant cake in fat brush strokes or paint delicate yet eye catching details. However you decide to use it, the end result will be amazing. I like to mix 1:1 dust to clear spirit and paint with a thick paint brush or a small detailer brush for edges. For a thinner coat and larger working area, add more spirit. You may also use a clear extract. As amazing as this product is, you should know this specific item is not edible. It contains non-edible ingredients and should only be used for decorative purposes only. It should be used on decorations that can be easily removed before eating. If you would like an edible alternative, try Coin Silver Lustre Dust. The shiny payoff is less but you can still achieve similar affects.