10th Day of Color

Meghan Budiman

Posted on December 10 2016

In honor of recognizing the Pantone of the Year we've discounted our food color that's closest to the newly announced Color of the Year. P.O.T.Y. 2017 is officially called Greenery. It's a very earthy and calming shade of green. My perfect description for it is the color of matcha. It's foamy, soothing, and bright. It brings a sort of freshness to the color palette. I'm loving the Color of the Year and I think it's a really great choice. So our most similar color is Mint Green and that's what's on sale for today. Mint Green is super similar to that matcha green color. If you need to lighten it just add a drop of white and maybe a drop of yellow. It's also a great complimentary color to our Deep Pink. Have fun with this color, it's really a young and fresh color. Happy Saturday!