17th Day of Color

Meghan Budiman

Posted on December 17 2016

Happy Saturday ya'll! We know you've all worked very had this week so we would like to reward you with a very special gift. Red Red is on sale today and it's not 10 but 20% off! This will only be on sale today and we know how popular of a color it is so please stock up today. I know I always look out for sales on my favorite things which is why I'm signed up for everyone's emails and I follow all social media because unless you're checking the website everyday how else will you know about the fantastic sales?! So guys, if you want to know about the sales for the rest of the month, follow us on Facebook and Instagram. We announce everything there first and we want you to be the first to know. Sales are a great thing for everyone, we love seeing you save and we love seeing our products used on your creations.