New Product : FondX Buttercream Concentrate

Meghan Budiman

Posted on March 17 2017

We're so excited to tell you guys about one our new FondX products. It's called FondX Buttercream Concentrate. It's a premix flavored buttercream concentrate. Available in 2 flavors, vanilla and chocolate. All you have to do is add shortening 1:1 ratio and mix together with a mixer. Then add any gel color or extra flavoring. This buttercream is amazing because it accepts color extremely well and it's so easy to use. Homemade buttercream is also so difficult to use because of consistency and stability. Indonesia is a hot and humid place and buttercream melts and sours so easily. With the buttercream you won't need to refrigerate and your flowers will be standing as high as the day you piped it. It will not melt or dry out. It's the best thing to ever happen to buttercream, and it tastes great too. We'll be debuting this item at FHI this year and Ibu Achen will be demonstrating it. You can buy yours after the show from our friends at PT Prambanan Kencana. So take the time and headache out of making your own buttercream and use FondX premix Buttercream Concentrate.