5th Day of Color

Meghan Budiman

Posted on December 05 2016

Today is a warm day in Jakarta and with the weather inspiring us we've decided to put Warm Brown on sale. Warm Brown is a staple for anyones decorating kit. It's so useful to color fondant or gum paste to make hair colors, skin colors, shoes, dogs, cats, and so much more. It will even make those chocolate cake batters a little bit richer brown. We suggest buying a large bottle in this size because you'll always find a use for it. 

P.S. Just a helpful hint, for those of you who think the large size is too big for your kit, food colors don't really expire. They don't grow moldy or develop a bad taste or smell. They last for years as long as you keep the cap closed. If mishandled or stored incorrectly it could spill or dry up, but if kept neatly away and clean it can last you a very long time. For those colors you use all the time, might as well buy the large size, and buy the small size for experimental colors.