18th Day of Color

Meghan Budiman

Posted on December 18 2016

I hope you all enjoyed yesterday's extra special sale. Today we're going to keep it going with the popular colors and put Soft Pink on sale. If you're asking the difference between Soft Pink and Dusty Rose, I will tell you right now. I'm going to be honest guys...they're darn close. They're both similar shades of pink when it comes to lightness. I think if you're looking for a softer pink either one of these will do. But if you're quite particular about the differences in color tones then here you go. Soft Pink is more on the cooler side so maybe there was a little purple or blue added to it when it was created. And the Dusty Rose is more on the warm side meaning they probably added a little bit of yellow to make it. As for darkness they're both the same. I have little experience in mixing paints, however, I can understand a color wheel a bit and just looking at the color wheel there are warm colors and cool colors. I believe that's the difference between these two. I hope that helped :)