14th Day of Color

Meghan Budiman

Posted on December 14 2016

It's Wednesday again which means it's another double food color day! Today we're discounting Leaf Green and Electric Green! We thought we might help supply you for your Christmas green needs. We have quite a few different shades of green especially between AmeriColor and Chefmaster. And althought the color names may be the same, each color really is different to the other. The swatches on our items are as close to the color as we can get so if you're having trouble deciding which green or orange or yellow you need try to pay attention to the shade of the swatch instead of the color name. But for next time when you're looking to replenish definitely remember the names of your favorite. Also, keep in mind our swatches are probably the most saturated color you could get with the food color. In reality, your buttercream or fondant will probably be starting out a lot lighter than expected. A little color goes a long way so if you don't get the color you want with the first couple drops, hang in there and add more little by little.