The Difference Between Dusts

Meghan Budiman

Posted on January 13 2017

Hi guys, hope you're all well. Today I wanted to talk about a few differences between edible and decorative dusts. It seems that there's a lot of questions going around about which dusting powders are edible, non-toxic, and non-edible. So I'd like to address this and hopefully I can help some of you out and answer a few questions.

To start, we have a few different categories of dusting powders. The differences between each type of dust is basically the shimmer, matte, or glitter effect that it gives.

Lustre Dust : slight to high sheen, used to create a shimmery effect, comes in many colors, non toxic

Petal Dust : matte color, no sheen, used to create realistic effects, great for sugar flowers, comes in many colors, non toxic

Diamond Dust : high sparkle, particles are slightly bigger than lustre dust, used to give a brighter sparkle effect, non toxic

Pearlescent Dust : high sheen, iridescent subtle color, used to highlight details, non toxic 

Disco Dust : very sparkly, shiny particles of glitter, used to decorate removable decorations, non-edible

Now, the biggest question everyone has is : are these dusts edible??? The answer is yes and no. The Lustre, Petal, Diamond, and Pearlescent dusts are all non-toxic and edible in the sense that if you eat any decoration with these dusts on, it will not harm you because it's in such a small quantity. However, they should not be considered as food. Disco Dust is NOT edible. Disco Dust is made of plastic particles that are meant to be decorative only. It is non-toxic because if eaten in small amounts it will not harm your body, however, when disco dust is used, it should only be used on a decoration or something that can be removed before eating. It is not recommended to eat this product. If that was confusing just think about kids. Kids accidentally eat craft glue or glitter all the time which is worrisome because those things are not food. However, they are non-toxic and it's because the manufacturers know that kids will be using these products and that the product should not be harmful. 

I hope this answers some of your questions. As a final point, when in doubt, don't eat it.