19th Day of Color

Meghan Budiman

Posted on December 19 2016

Last week's theme seemed to be reds and pinks so today we're going to divert a little bit and give you an orange. Today Orange is going on sale! I feel like orange doesn't get as much love in the color wheel as other colors do. I personally happen to love orange. It's the color of a delicious fruit, it's spunky, fun, and bright. But I can understand why it's not the go to color, because it is so bright and overtaking it is hard to use it as a main color. I find that sometimes the accent color becomes the star of the show. For instance, gold foil has been a wonderful accent for white, black, and burgundy cakes lately. Orange is a great accent color for blues, purples, and browns of course. It depends on what kind of theme and mood you're going for I suppose. I love the sunset theme, it's so calming and breathtaking. From a light sky blue changing into a light and deep orange. Orange is a beautiful color and paired with the correct color palette it can help make an amazing masterpiece. Here's a few color palettes to help you out.