22nd Day of Color

Meghan Budiman

Posted on December 22 2016

I'm here to change it up today with a color we haven't had on sale for a while. Sky Blue is fresh and soft and especially great for kids themed treats as well as baby shower parties. It's super fast to make a pastel blue with this food color because the base of it is light to begin with so you would probably need only 1-2 dips of your toothpick to make a nice pastel blue. If you want a true sky blue then I would go straight in with 1-2 drops straight from the bottle. I love this color mixed with soft pink. Swirled together it reminds me of cotton candy from when I was a kid and it looks especially yummy as two toned buttercream on cupcakes. Unicorn treats are also a popular thing right now and these two colors definitely fall into the unicorn fairy realm.