11th Day of Color

Meghan Budiman

Posted on December 11 2016

Yesterday we announced the Pantone Color of 2017 and like we said, we're in love with it. The art of colors is so fun and simple. Anyone can create their own personalized color. Some people go at it by a formula and others create it by feeling. I personally like to start off with a formula like 10 drops of this and 2 drops of this. But then I always end up deviating and just going with the flow and how I feel. To get that Pantone of the year we've decided to help you out and put Lemon Yellow on sale today. Mixed with our Mint Green which was on sale yesterday, it'll get you to that Greenery color. It's a warmer more yellow green which means you'll need to add a little bit of yellow to the Mint. Of course it's all up to you and that's the beauty about art and decorating, isn't it?